Burst Geyser

24hr Emergency Plumbing Services

A burst geyser can lead to major damage on your property and immediate attention is needed to avert further damage – follow this guide in the event your geyser has burst: What to do when your geyser bursts

Greenz Plumbing will attend to your emergency swiftly and help get your emergency under control – repairing or replacing your burst geysers with a SABS approved Heattech or Kwikot Geyser. Our installations come with a certificate of compliance (COC) required by your insurance company.

24hr Service

Our 24hr standby plumbing teams are here to deal with any plumbing emergency you may have.

Plumbing Pro's

Skilled and efficient teams with a minimum of 5 years of on-site experience.


We comply with and are accredited with the PIRB and City of Cape Town (Water by-laws)

Repair or replace your burst geyser

Call your friendly local plumbers now, to repair or replace your burst geyser.

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