Plumbing Maintenance

24hr Emergency Plumbing Services

Regular plumbing maintenance will help keep your home or business plumbing running all year round with minimal interruption and costs. A small investment now can potentially save thousands by avoiding major leaks and blockages.

We fix leaking faucets and shower heads – leaking taps can amount to hundreds of Rands per year never mind the wasted clean water. We clean or change aerators – obstructions affect water pressure. We fix toilets that run – repair or replace parts in the toilet cistern. We clear slow or partially blocked drains – avoid a totally blocked drain and nuisance and health risks that come with that. Sink leaks – your kitchen sink is heavily used and can often become problematic, keeping it clear can save you having to deal with repairs to cupboards and counters. We check water pressure – if need be the replacement of your pressure regulator to avoid high or low-pressure problems. Mainline maintenance – Regular maintenance of your main line can avoid serious and costly problems down the line. An obstruction on your main line can result in multiple blockages on your property, with potential health risks. Deal with a partial blockage before it becomes a full blockage.

24hr Service

Our 24hr standby plumbing teams are here to deal with any plumbing emergency you may have.

Plumbing Pro's

Skilled and efficient teams with a minimum of 5 years of on-site experience.


We comply with and are accredited with the PIRB and City of Cape Town (Water by-laws)

Routine Plumbing Maintenance 

Call your friendly local plumbers now, to arrange a maintenance schedule or check-up for your property.

Guaranteed workmanship by service-oriented plumbers!